MY top 20 gen’ 1 Pokemon. PART 3


Mew is well, Mew! She’s just amazing and everybody should know who this little pink ball of squishy adorablness is! And don’t worry you’re computers not broken, I just haven’t put a picture for this post. And I might not do it again for Top Ten lists like this one.


Now I would like to clear up some infomation about Mewtwo, first things first, not eberything you read in the comic books and watch on television is correct. mewtwo was NOT (despite how cool the movie was) created by humans. Arceus created him and I think he was the third or second creature to be created, I forgot, I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Mewtwo is just awesome and I thats why he is higher on this, um, non-ordered list…


So what I included all three legendary birds? It’s my list!!! Nah, the truth is I couldn’t decide. So I chose all three! WHAT?!


Snorlax is the one evryone remembers, he’s big and fat and, well he’s snorlax and that’s that. Not much else to say really.


I don’t think this Pokemon ever got the recognition it deserved. It was super awesome and sometimes I fealt like the only person who ever remembers him. I’m sure I’m not but, oh well. Be sure to check out the last part of this list and I might and even get around to making a Gen 2 list, Gen 3? and if I’m feeling really dangerous I’ll make a Gen 4 list! Oooh, badass. No? Okay…

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Arceus on Xbox?

Well internet explorer on xbox does let me post! But this “keyboard” is tiring. So maybe not! ;-D

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MY top 20 gen’ 1 Pokemon. PART 2

14) Charizard

Well, he’s Charizard! Everybody loves Charizard, I hope. At least I’m not going to start calling him Charlizard! Still an epic name though, Charlizard.

13) Blastoise

Blastoise is a tank, no not a zombie, but a proper metal tank. If you stuck with your Squirtle all the way through the original game then by the end you were sure to have a pokemon as great as a tank. And he has two freakin’ massive cannons, yeah, he’s a tank.

12) Pidgey

He’s cute, he’s pidgey, he’s… well, pidgey everybody! Love me some pidgeon. ❤

11) Ekans

Ekans is a classic! There is no way i could have left him off of this list, plus how could you resist his level of cuteness? just look at this!

 Amazingly adorable! 20% more cute? Ayup! (And I darn hope it loads for you!)

10) Arbok

I would have put Arbok and Ekans together as one, but I didn’t. So he’s here, Arbok has made it to the tenth place on my list. Be sure to check out part 3 for five more Pokemon. See you then and tell me what you think of the lists so far. Including my previous Gen 5 list. Catch ya later!

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What level of amazing could this be?! Over 9000 I say! It’s super cool. rayquazza and Zekrom in the same picture, too much epic! My god, how many more memes can you fit in this?

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The Power of the Ghost

But it’s not halloween! What’s wrong with you people?!

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MY top 20 gen’ 1 Pokemon. PART 1

20) Porygon

Porygon has always been a fav’ Pokemon of mine, whether he’s (or she’s) In a blocky form, or a really weird shape, or a bit odd, or causing kids to have siezures…actually, forget that last bit. but Porygon, whatever shape or form, has always been a favourite of mine! Just ignore the whole siezure thing… okay?

19) Dragonite

Dragon, the ORIGINAL dragon! ’nuff said.

18) Zapdos

This image (ABOVE) is just the thing that reminds me of the original Generation! (NOT dissing the newer Generations not one bit!) I don’t know why, I think one of my first Pokemon cards was the rare Zapdos cards, so that must be why…LOL?

17) Articuno

WHAT?! I couldn’t choose between Zapdos or Articuno… SO I CHOSE BOTH! YAY! PROBLEM? no? GOOD!! 😛

16) Ditto

It’s pink (IT is genderless), It’s squishy, IT’S DITTO EVERYBODY! I shall give it to you short, ONE Pokemon, ENDLESS possibilities!

15) Gyarados

Yeah, like he WASN’T going to be on this list! You CANNOT have a Gen’ 1 list without Gyarados. OR YOU’LL REGRET IT…..


P.S. I made this list for the people who liked the Gen’ 5 list I did, and I said would do it eventually! 🙂

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One scary Halloween indeed!


Want to know why I posted this on the first church? Because I made it! … TRUE I SWEAR! I hope you like it, if you wanna see more of some of the Poke related LOLS I make then visit my page…on cheezburger site! I hope ya do, see ya there!

😀 Arceus be with you. K thanks!

Visit (or click here!)=

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A good way to show your Poke-wealth!

Pearl Necklace

But where’s the diamonds?!

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Pokemon Black…or…Pokemon White?

I just got the latest pokemon movie the other day and I think it’s pretty damn cool! I got the double pack so I had to choose Pokemon White, because I had also just got Pokemon  White (the game) on the same day. Plus Zekrom is my favourite out of the two legendaries. The movie also has Victini in it, who I like to to think is Winston Churchill but in Pokemon form! Yeah, you can tell I’m british. But the movie is great, and I think if you love the first and second movies and the new Black and White TV series (cartoon) then this is a must see movie for you!

Okay sorry, I do know about Kyurem and The Sacred Swordsmen, but this is the most current released movie. At the moment. Now, here. In the present…you get the idea!


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BaconEggAndCheesBiscuits Link

So I said a while age I would post a link to my personal blog, and it’s here. So it took so long! I hope you like it and if you do you can follow it and I’ll try to add improves to it soon! Well, new posts anyway.

Okay so it’s not exactly a link but if you copy+paste it into that little bar at the top of your internet ma’bob you should be able to get there quicker Suicine on adreneline!

(and sorry about any spelling mistakes, my autocorrect seems to have become an autocrweck!)

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