Pokemon Black…or…Pokemon White?

I just got the latest pokemon movie the other day and I think it’s pretty damn cool! I got the double pack so I had to choose Pokemon White, because I had also just got Pokemon  White (the game) on the same day. Plus Zekrom is my favourite out of the two legendaries. The movie also has Victini in it, who I like to to think is Winston Churchill but in Pokemon form! Yeah, you can tell I’m british. But the movie is great, and I think if you love the first and second movies and the new Black and White TV series (cartoon) then this is a must see movie for you!

Okay sorry, I do know about Kyurem and The Sacred Swordsmen, but this is the most current released movie. At the moment. Now, here. In the present…you get the idea!


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One Response to Pokemon Black…or…Pokemon White?

  1. goofycool says:

    Too late, I got Pokemon White! Zekrom, FTW! Just thought I’d say…

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