MY top 20 gen’ 1 Pokemon. PART 1

20) Porygon

Porygon has always been a fav’ Pokemon of mine, whether he’s (or she’s) In a blocky form, or a really weird shape, or a bit odd, or causing kids to have siezures…actually, forget that last bit. but Porygon, whatever shape or form, has always been a favourite of mine! Just ignore the whole siezure thing… okay?

19) Dragonite

Dragon, the ORIGINAL dragon! ’nuff said.

18) Zapdos

This image (ABOVE) is just the thing that reminds me of the original Generation! (NOT dissing the newer Generations not one bit!) I don’t know why, I think one of my first Pokemon cards was the rare Zapdos cards, so that must be why…LOL?

17) Articuno

WHAT?! I couldn’t choose between Zapdos or Articuno… SO I CHOSE BOTH! YAY! PROBLEM? no? GOOD!! ๐Ÿ˜›

16) Ditto

It’s pink (IT is genderless), It’s squishy, IT’S DITTO EVERYBODY! I shall give it to you short, ONE Pokemon, ENDLESS possibilities!

15) Gyarados

Yeah, like he WASN’T going to be on this list! You CANNOT have a Gen’ 1 list without Gyarados. OR YOU’LL REGRET IT…..


P.S. I made this list for the people who liked the Gen’ 5 list I did, and I said would do it eventually! ๐Ÿ™‚

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