MY top 20 gen’ 1 Pokemon. PART 2

14) Charizard

Well, he’s Charizard! Everybody loves Charizard, I hope. At least I’m not going to start calling him Charlizard! Still an epic name though, Charlizard.

13) Blastoise

Blastoise is a tank, no not a zombie, but a proper metal tank. If you stuck with your Squirtle all the way through the original game then by the end you were sure to have a pokemon as great as a tank. And he has two freakin’ massive cannons, yeah, he’s a tank.

12) Pidgey

He’s cute, he’s pidgey, he’s… well, pidgey everybody! Love me some pidgeon. ❤

11) Ekans

Ekans is a classic! There is no way i could have left him off of this list, plus how could you resist his level of cuteness? just look at this!

 Amazingly adorable! 20% more cute? Ayup! (And I darn hope it loads for you!)

10) Arbok

I would have put Arbok and Ekans together as one, but I didn’t. So he’s here, Arbok has made it to the tenth place on my list. Be sure to check out part 3 for five more Pokemon. See you then and tell me what you think of the lists so far. Including my previous Gen 5 list. Catch ya later!

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