MY top 20 gen’ 1 Pokemon. PART 3


Mew is well, Mew! She’s just amazing and everybody should know who this little pink ball of squishy adorablness is! And don’t worry you’re computers not broken, I just haven’t put a picture for this post. And I might not do it again for Top Ten lists like this one.


Now I would like to clear up some infomation about Mewtwo, first things first, not eberything you read in the comic books and watch on television is correct. mewtwo was NOT (despite how cool the movie was) created by humans. Arceus created him and I think he was the third or second creature to be created, I forgot, I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Mewtwo is just awesome and I thats why he is higher on this, um, non-ordered list…


So what I included all three legendary birds? It’s my list!!! Nah, the truth is I couldn’t decide. So I chose all three! WHAT?!


Snorlax is the one evryone remembers, he’s big and fat and, well he’s snorlax and that’s that. Not much else to say really.


I don’t think this Pokemon ever got the recognition it deserved. It was super awesome and sometimes I fealt like the only person who ever remembers him. I’m sure I’m not but, oh well. Be sure to check out the last part of this list and I might and even get around to making a Gen 2 list, Gen 3? and if I’m feeling really dangerous I’ll make a Gen 4 list! Oooh, badass. No? Okay…

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One Response to MY top 20 gen’ 1 Pokemon. PART 3

  1. goofycool says:

    I actually think it looks neater with no pictures, not as nice, just a lot neater.
    So pictures, yay or nay?

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